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environmental management system

part of the management system used to manage environmental aspects (3.7.13), fulfil compliance obligations and address risks and opportunities

greenhouse gas project proponent

individual or organization (3.1.1) that has overall control and responsibility for a greenhouse gas project (3.9.26)

civil engineering project US

construction works (3.12)

, comprising a structure (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 3.1.4), such as a dam (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 3.2.24), bridge (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 3.3.19), road (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 3.3.1), railway (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 3.3.3), runway, utilities, pipeline (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 3.2.32), or sewerage system (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 5.4.40), or the result of operations such as dredging, earthwork (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 7.1.6), geotechnical processes (3.31.1), but excluding a building (3.7) and its associated site (ISO 6707‑1:2004, 3.1.6) works

waste management cost

cost (3.12.29)

of handling material losses generated in a quantity centre (3.12.45)

environmental management accounting

identification, collection, analysis and use of two types of information for internal decision making:

physical information on the use, flows and destinies of energy, water and materials (including wastes) and

monetary information on environment-related costs, earnings and savings

quality management system realization

process (3.4.1)

of establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a quality management system (3.5.4)

Project Industriële Successen Met Afvalpreventie

beproefde methode om preventie bij bedrijven en instellingen te doen realiseren