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self-declared environmental claim

environmental claim that is made, without independent third-party certification, by manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers or anyone else likely to benefit from such a claim

performance claim

specification of a performance characteristic of an IVD medical device as documented in the information supplied by the manufacturer

book and claim

chain-of-custody (3.7)

system where, from the production of raw material (3.40) to the final product (3.37) for consumption, the information on sustainability (3.48) is decoupled from the physical product

book and claim model

chain of custody model (3.1.3)

in which the administrative record flow is not necessarily connected to the physical flow of material or product throughout the supply chain (3.2.1)

environmental issue

any concern for environmental aspects and impacts

environmental label

claim which indicates the environmental aspects (3.7.13) of a product (3.3.1) or service

environmental policy

intentions and direction of an organization (3.1.5) related to environmental performance (3.4.10), as formally expressed by its top management (3.1.6)

environmental impact

change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organization's activities or products