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irrigation system

assembly of pipes, components, and devices installed in the field for the purpose of irrigating a specific area

unrestricted irrigation

irrigation of areas where public access during irrigation is not restricted

irrigation project

design, development, construction, selection of equipment, operation and monitoring of works to provide suitable water for irrigation

restricted irrigation

irrigation of areas in which public access during irrigation with reuse water (3.63) can be controlled, such as some golf courses, cemeteries, and highway medians


set of interrelated or interacting elements

information system

<quality management system> network of communication channels used within an organization (3.2.1)

system cost

cost incurred in the course of in-house handling of the material flows, except for material cost, energy cost and waste management cost

management system

set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization (3.1) to establish policies (3.5) and objectives (3.6) and processes (3.27) to achieve those objectives

system boundary

interface between a building (3.7) and the environment or other product systems (ISO 14040:2006, 3.27)

management system

organization’s structure for managing its processes or activities that transform inputs of resources into a product or service, which meet the organization’s objectives