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quantification of the CFP

activities that result in the determination of a CFP ( or a partial CFP (

limitation of the procedure

specific situation in which an IVD examination procedure might not perform as intended

context of the organization

combination of internal and external issues that can have an effect on an organization’s (3.2.1) approach to developing and achieving its objectives (3.7.1)

partial CFP

sum of greenhouse gas emissions (3.9.8) and greenhouse gas removals (3.9.22) of one or more selected process(es) (3.1.9) in a product system (3.5.1), expressed as carbon dioxide equivalents (3.9.3) and based on the selected stages or processes within the life cycle (3.6.1)


set of specific rules, requirements (3.1.15) and guidelines for carbon footprint of a product (3.11.1) or partial carbon footprint of a product (3.11.2) quantification and communication for one or more product (3.5.12) categories

CFP study

all activities that are necessary to quantify and report a CFP ( or a partial CFP (