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required energy

energy necessary to adiabatically heat the post combustion substances of a material and excess air from ambient temperature to a specified final temperature

primary energy


that has not been subjected to any conversion or transformation process (3.1.5)

process energy

energy input required for operating the process (3.1.9) or equipment within a unit process (3.6.9), excluding energy inputs for production and delivery of the process energy itself

energy cost

cost for electricity, fuels, steam, heat, compressed air and other like media

energy recovery

production of useful energy through direct and controlled combustion or other processing of waste

required service life

service life (3.2.11)

required by the client or through regulations

energy source

source from which useful energy can be extracted or recovered either directly or by means of a conversion or transformation process

exported energy


delivered from a construction works for use outside its boundary

delivered energy

measure of the amount of energy arriving at a location or an installation