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use of a product more than once in its original form


operation by which products or components are used again for the same purpose for which they were conceived

professional use

designation that an IVD medical device is intended for personnel who are qualified to perform IVD examinations through special education and training

use value

monetary value (3.12.7)

of a good (3.12.27) in relation to its actual, planned or possible use

intended use

objective intent of an IVD manufacturer regarding the use of a product, process or service as reflected in the specifications, instructions and information supplied by the IVD manufacturer

use error

act or omission of an act that has a different medical device response to that intended by the manufacturer or expected by the operator

water use

use of water by human activity

energy use

manner or kind of application of energy

land use

human use or management of land (3.8.16) within the relevant boundary

water use

use of water by human activity